Welcome To the My fellow Students At Falmouth

Feel free to browse. This site is intended for photography lovers. Spend your time and enjoy. Feel free to provide comments. I want to learn

Spring is here and with it the Joy of Nature

Spring always begins subtly and if you look carefully you will see an amazing new birth after the deep slumber of winter.

It is a sin that I have been too busy to get out there and merely enjoy it. I am currently busy with end year events and studies and barely find time for my first love.  But don't let it stop you. If you're not out there you will be bringing nothing home.

Summer Master Classes 2019 starting December 

I am preparing for my Summer Masterclasses and if you have not attended them yet ... this is the time to book. I have added new material and can't wait to share it.  For those of you that haven't mastered your camera, I invite you to make every effort to book for my  Mastering your Camera master class. It will be the last one you need.

For those of you that feel that have mastered their camera  and feel they need to take it to the next level, join me on my Skills Development Masterclass.

Everyone learns differently. If you want learn through practical engagements then the masterclasses is for you.

Call me on 0845237591 or Drop a note... I will get back to you! 
Petro Swanepoel 

Petro was my first student. She loaned my camera during the course and bought her first SLR on the Sunday.

She went from strength to strength and after winning a number of awards she achieved the distinction of having a photograph of hers displayed at the Mia Photo Fair in Milan Italy, March 21-25th (1 in 40)

Congratulations Petro !!!

Bernadine Nagel

" I have found the course to be Innovative,  informative and an awesome learning curve. I have always been interested in Photography but after attending the masterclass I have actually started to think of what I am actually doing and started changing my cameras settings to enhance my photos. I don't like amending my photographs in photoshop or other programs. I have even become comfortable to make small changes to make them even better... I now want to spread my joy that I have found taking pictures. Thank you Andre for opening my eyes to the world of photography through my lens."

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