About Andre Nagel

My vision is to become a true acknowledged master photographer, a champion for photography as an art form, mentor to budding photographic professionals and art photographers, and a quality photographic educator. I am currently studying for an ***MA in Photography at Falmouth as part of this pursuit.


This website serves to present what I consider my best work. Although I work as a wedding photographer*,  I want to separate that vernacular work from my art as an aspiring photographic master. Some photographs on this site take much more thought, pre-visualisation, technical skill and effort to reach the final presentation stage; others are mere lucky accidents. While I don't limit myself in a specific niche, I  primarily want to be a documentary photographer with the human and his world as my primary subject.


None of these photos will be made available on a stock site or to a social media platform.  I will limit there printing to no more than 2 a year.  Some even less... Contact me if you want a print from the limited collection.


I invite you to follow my progress. I will be updating my portfolio on a regular basis. if you register as a member I will inform you.


The Photograph on the right was taken with a cellphone by Morne Nagel, my son. His intuition guided him to take this photograph.  It says a lot about me.


*My wedding photography business site may be accessed at www.ludre.co.za.

*** My Critical Research Journal is available at AndreNagel.Blog



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