Learn to pre-visualize the results you want and fully exploit your equipment to achieve them.

If you want to graduate from being a competent amateur photographer, but still feel you do not have full control of your camera to enable you to record your creative vision, or merely require fresh inspiration, take on new challenges, and push your skills further to master the capture high quality photographs, this  course is designed for you.


  • Workshop 1 Theme: Key Camera Controls-

        Assignment: Night Photography


  • Workshop 2 Theme: Exposure Control-

        Assignment: Still Life


  • Workshop 3 Theme: Tonality and Contrast-

         Assignment: High Dynamic Range


  • Workshop 4 Theme: Getting the Best Image-

         Assignment: Urban Nature


  • Workshop 5 Obtaining Ideal Color-

        Assignment: City Streets


You will be provided with a journal to record your journey.



Competent amateur photographers with a passion to take it further. 


A DSLR  or Mirrorless with lenses, or Digital Compact Camera with the ability to operate in manual. A monopod and tripod if you own one.

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